(10-15 pages adhering to writing and submission protocols including introduction and conclusion. Maximum 20 pages.)
Filenaming protocol should be "Coursenumber_Lastname_A5paper".
(containing at least 25 entries and adhering to APA 6th edition format. No more than 5 websites. No more than 5 books or book chapters.)
Filenaming protocol should be "Coursenumber_Lastname_A5handout".

Upload to Wimba on presentation day

Digital Poster
(3 feet by 4 feet; Landscape orientation) (Containg synthesis of key sections from the white paper with at least 3 supporting visual elements)
Filenaming protocol should be "Coursenumber_Lastname_A5poster".
Belinda Rozar
Wiki Page Administrator
Develop and upload all documents to wiki page keeping a heading for each page listed as a task.

Jim Dudley
begins immediately
Individual reflections
on schooling in the age of emerging technologies and assignment completion experience (at least 300 words).
Filenaming protocol should be "Coursenumber_Lastname_A5reflection".
Each Group Member