Group Charter
Cynthia Sallas, Angie Fenton, Marianna Foxwell & Shenica Bridges
Cutting edge technology team
Each section can only be 2 pages due to the limited size of the document.
Angie: Introduction and Population, final compilation and submission
Shenica: Curriculum, Philosophy of teaching and learning
Marianna: Strategies for using and integrating current and emerging technology and Assessment and Outcomes.
Cyndi: Challenges and limitations, Expanding Adoption, Adaptation, and Diffusion – Conclusion

Reference Page – Only 5 Web Pages out of 25 sources send all references from each section to Angie cited correctly APA ed6

Digital Poster: Marianna will submit the poster. Everyone should submit ideas for the final poster.

Group Presentation: Each member is responsible for slides for their section of the presentation. No more than 2 slides per section
Send all slides to Shenica to set up presentation.

*Each individual must write a 300 word reflection on “Schooling in the age of emerging technologies” and assignment completion experience.
Meetings: Tuesday - February 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26 at 8 PM. We would like to use Any Meeting to communicate during these sessions. It is a free web service that allows us to hold large or small meetings, share applications and screens, video web conference (up to 6-ways), use YouTube webinars, play YouTube videos, present PowerPoint slides, record our meetings, have a personal meeting url, etc.

Milestones: Feb. 22nd – 1st milestone – Group Journal
March 15th -- 2nd Milestone

Consequences: Issues will be worked out between us. Anything that cannot be worked out will be referred to Dr. Balen. No late work will be tolerated unless otherwise agreed upon.